Rendering in Darlington

Robertson Plastering is a long established company which specialises in the provision of high quality external rendering in Darlington for commercial and residential structures. We have always taken pride in the service we provide hence the calibre of our established customer base. We totally understand the importance of carrying out a job to the highest standards and ALWAYS on programme. Our team will always ensure that from a private customer to a house builder we shall always succeed in giving the customer a service which can scarcely be matched. The diversity of our customers is directly shown in the process we take to all work, regardless of size or scope of operation.


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Professional External Rendering in Darlington

Even though the construction method referred to as rendering is indeed a common choice for high quality exterior finishes, many property owners will not be familiar with the benefits associated with this process. Due to the fact that a growing number of properties are using rendering in Darlington as an alternative way of providing their homes with a quality and weather-resistant finish, it makes sense to take a quick look at what this technique involves, the rewards that it offers and the trusted materials that we at Robertson Plastering will employ.

The Rendering Process

Prior to application, our personnel will make sure that the exterior surfaces are clean and dry. This allows the render to properly stick while stopping any air pockets from forming during the process. Our trained experts will then apply the render using tools such as sponges, brushes and trowels to achieve the preferred physical appearance.

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K Rend

Our supplier K Rend provides an extra level of durability that’s not seen in many other products with the inclusion of silicone (excellent for waterproofing). Also, the sand used offers different characteristics that range between fine and course. This allows different looks to be produced without difficulty.

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What Are the Primary advantages of these Procedures?

Rendering involves applying a thin coating of a cement-like material directly over existing exterior walls and other structures; providing the homeowner a number of different advantages:

  • An amazing choice of colours.
  • Adding a level of weather resistance to your home.
  • Many quality textures and finishes.
  • Renderings are highly water resistant.
  • A finish which will last as long as the house itself!

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If you are considering contracting for rendering in Darlington, or you would like to learn more information about the features and benefits of the external system please contact your local specialist today.

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